English in Levels Ltd. is a global company. We specialize in preparing English teaching materials and want to show all students that it is easy to learn English. We have developed a special method for teaching English and implemented it into our projects. It means that all students at all levels can now understand English.

We are pleased to say that our projects have around 1M visits per month from more than 100 countries.

Our projects

News in Levels

World news for students of English in 3 levels. starstar

Robinson Crusoe

An audio book that is written for Level 2 and 3.

English Restart

Online video training on how to learn English effectively.

Videos in Levels

Videos are in six levels of difficulty.

Learning by Songs

Learn English by singing English songs.


Speak in Levels

The list of People who want to speak with you via Skype.

Jokes in Levels

Learn English by having fun with jokes.


Online video training on basic English grammar.

People in Levels

Meet the stories of people learning English.

English in Shop

Premium study materials for students of English.

“There are more than one billion people who learn English as a second language. We – ENGLISH IN LEVELS Ltd. – are here to help these students learn English faster and more effectively. We have developed a special method for teaching English and we implemented it into our projects. With this method, you will practice only words and grammar that you need at your level of English. This method helps us write English texts in different levels that are easy to understand. And when students understand, they learn fast. Thanks to this method, we are also able to talk to a global audience of English students. “

           ENGLISH IN LEVELS s.r.o. (Ltd.)